Email Marketing

Normally, I am not interested in signing up for email lists.  While I don’t remember signing up for emails from, I still get the emails.  Out of the junk mail I get, this is one company that I don’t necessarily mind getting emails from.

Overall, I don’t get too many emails from them in comparison to other companies.  I would say about once a day.  Depending on the subject line I will look at the emails.  Most of the time I will delete them, while deleting other advertising emails.

One particular email I got had the subject line “Last Chance to Save Up to 30% + Sony a9 Prize.”  The part of the subject that caught me the most was “Sony a9 Prize.”  Now not everyone who reads this knows their cameras, but the Sony Alpha camera series is a very good quality and very expensive camera.  The prices of the Alpha mirrorless DSLRs are north of $1,000.  This particular Sony a9 is priced at $4,498 and that is just for the body, does not include a lens.

After opening the email, there was a picture and link on how to sign up to win the camera in addition to other advertisements for deals on other gear.  It also had convenient links to being able to look at different brands which was featured at the very top of the email.  This included categories such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Mirrorless, Video and Gear Packages.

The image and advertisement for winning the Sony a9 was the biggest image on the email.  Of course, because it sounded like a good deal, I decided to click on it.  In addition to this advertisement, it also listed other discounts you could get with a code.

In my opinion, compared to other advertising emails I think it had a good amount of information but it could have been a little shorter.  Even on my desktop I had to scroll down a bit to read all the information they sent.  At the same time they don’t send too many emails so that could be one reason why they include more information. For example, companies like American Eagle, I get more than one email from them a day but their advertisements are shorter.

For an email like this particular one, I believe that it was sent to their entire email database.  This is a subject that would entice any professional camera user.  The email this time was not segment dependent, although I have gotten emails from the company previously about the same brand that I have rented from them.

Because I opened the email and was obviously interested, I would say that the email accomplished its objective.  While I did click on the prize advertisement, I ended up not signing up for the chance to win because I did not have the time.

I believe if they continue to send things offering such products that they will get more reactions, but at the same time, I personally don’t rent lenses often.  While I might prefer emails promoting free things, others who rent more often might prefer codes for discounts on renting.

This post is affiliated with Siena College’s Digital Marketing (MRKT327) course with Professor Michael Pepe.