Great Classic Movie Resource

So what is a great classic movie resource?  Everyone has their own opinion on which is the best classic film.  In my opinion, one of the best sites to look at for classic movies is Turner Classic Movies.  You can also purchase DVDs, music and more from their online shop.

 On the Turner Classic Movies online shop you will find over 50,000 choices in classic movies that you can purchase online.  The movies available range from silent films from the 1910s all the way to films from the 2010s.

According to, the TCM online shop receives a 78/100 domain authority and 65/100 page authority.  Meanwhile, their competitor receives a 97/100 domain authority score and 93/100 page authority score.  TCM’s numbers are quite poor compared to Amazon’s.  Both of these sites have a wide variety of movies available to purchase.
TCM provides an easy list to filter movies down to the decade, genre, artist, actors and more.  Oppositely, on Amazon you have to know what you are searching for in order to find a movie.
When breaking down the marketing techniques, TCM does not focus as much on paid searches.  According to, 33.54% of Turner Classic Movie’s views are from direct traffic and 32.04% of it’s traffic is due to referrals.  Over 50% of TCM’s website traffic is from organic searches.
The downside for Turner Classic movies is that it’s United States ranking is 38,657 compared to it’s large competitor, Amazon, being ranked number 4 in the U.S..
Social media is a good source to promote for free.  The general Turner Classic Movies Facebook page has over 1 million likes.  On here they are able to advertise special screening events, television schedule events for when certain films will be on their channel and other posts directing people to their website.
While their main website is mainly for schedules and streaming movies, if you have an account, I would assume that their conversion rate for the shop shouldn’t be too bad.  You are able to purchase films as regular DVDs and BluRay.  In addition, there are certain movies you are able to special order which are harder to find.  The only issue here is that because of competitors like Amazon, their conversion rate might not be as high because in this day and age people are looking for the best deal.
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